Workshops, Classes & Gatherings

Community Session – Sunday June 12
5pm – 7pm
Come for an Introduction to Chinese Medicine with a day of learning about the Water element from our own Oriental Medical doctor – Mark Horsfield. Water is the first of a series to be offered. Water is the first to be explored with its relationship to the coming season: WINTER.

“From Water, we get our instinct, willpower, vision, genetic background, reproduction and dreams”

Learn about how this philosophy applies to our modern day living. Find out which organs are governed by this element, their roles within the bodies ecosystem and how these organs relate to mental and spiritual growth. Gain awareness of what signs and symptoms may show if these organs are imbalanced how you may see or feel it.

On the day you will be presented with hand book full of new information, Questions to arouse your mental and spiritual states and concepts on what foods will support the nourishment of your “Water Element”.

A nourishment of Soup will be offered during the session and the link to how this will support your body.

May 1st 5.30pm -7pm Free of charge Bookings must be made by texting your name and email to 0449 159 265.

We have limited spaces available so of you cannot make it please be sure to let us know ♡

We look forward to sharing our beautiful space with you ♡

Monthly Meditation 

Opening Doors along your path to access the divine gifts that are available to you.
Please join me each month in our space of meditation as you connect with like minded souls, while we connect with self and others to amplify positive frequencies of healing and love.

Cosmic Pearls Meditation 

Journey into a healing adventure with Sound, Light and Connection for sublime states of consciousness, psychedelic visuals and Acutonics Healing. 

What to expect in this blissful experience…..

Smudge / Drumming into sacred Circle.

Acutonics tuning forks heart and kidney healing.

Pandora Star Light – Pineal Gland activation and de-calcification.

Sound Bath with Quartz Crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, Uranus Gong, Acutonics Planetary Chimes.

Deep Relaxation and instant Brainwave activation of Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Theta.

Animal Magic card reading

Traditional Chai and Raw treat to ground.

Each Meditation is limited to 5 people only to ensure the perfect experience.