Welcome to Sumone.

where the sum of us come together to support the one in need

where I am Sumone.

I am worthy

I am deserving

I am enough

I am whole

I am at one

… because I am


About Us


Sumone is a social enterprise that brings community together to nurture, educate, honour and empower our community while giving back to our youth through our Not For Profit Heal.ed tribe. Our home is located on the beautiful Gold Coast where you can come visit and book in one of our nurturing wellbeing services which include individual treatments, group classes and workshops. Our Retreats happen quarterly and the wonderful news is for  every woman that attends a retreat we sponsor a young person through Heal.ed tribe to attend a retreat of their own! Our Mental Health First Aid Training and Corporate wellbeing programs are available to all corporate and non corporate organisations and can be catered to your individual needs.

Here at Sumone. we are all about looking after YOU

We cant wait to connect! ♡

Our Impact 

Sumone gives back!

Each of our practitioners donates their time to treat Heal.ed youth free of charge

Each of our workshops and classes gives back by running worshops and classes for our youth

Each of our retreats operate on a one for one give back, for each woman that attends, one young person attends for free

In 2019 we involved 50 community practitioners and gifted healings to approximately 150 local youth


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Mental Health First Aid Training

Corporate Wellbeing


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Please join us in supporting our youth and help us support a positive future generation. A generation who not only experiences mental wellbeing but understands their worth.

Together we can empower communities to create change!